Great architecture can not exist without great design
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Architecture is in the details and they matter.
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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
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At Archify & Buildify, we are committed to provide elevated level of customized service for your all kinds of needs related to Architecture & Construction. Our brand slogan “Concept to Creation” encourages us to travel extra mile & deliver the exceptional while providing innovative architectural services.

We speak creative & always expect more from our partners to deliver you the best service within the cost & time parameter f We are always there when it comes to your next move.

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We always try to provide quality and confidence in the right choice

2D & 3D Architect Plans

They have various Interfaces 2D drawing has the identical input and output interface, but creating the 3D model requires an entirely different interface.
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Interior Design

Interior architecture is the design of a building from inside to outside, or the new design of a home that can be changed. It refers to the initial design and the plan used for a building's interior, to that interior's later redesign made to perform a changed purpose, or to the significant revision of an original design for the adaptive reuse of the shell of the building concerned.
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Exterior Design

Exterior architecture design is the architectural character and composition of the exterior of a structure, including but not limited to the color and texture of the building. The structure of roofline and overhangs; the size, location and design of porches, steps and handrails etc. and appurtenant elements.
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Complete Construction

Complete Construction is the time where Residential Units are completed according to accepted plans and specs according to the criteria set by Agency and an Occupancy Certificate is issued for these Residential Units.
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Vaastu Plans

It is the texts of Vastu plan which encompasses the greater knowledge of design and architecture theories that go back to ancient India. It is an accumulation of concepts and ideas, with or without the help of layout diagrams. These ideas and concepts provide examples of how to organiz the space and shape within a buildin or a collection of structures
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Landscape Design

It is the design and general engineering of various structures for construction of existing social, ecological, and soil conditions and processes in the landscape, and the design of other inventions that produces desired outcomes.
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House Designs

50'×32' House Design

1600 Sqft. | 50 Lakh Budget Only

40'×23' House Design

920 Sqft | 30 Lakh Budget Only

42'×53' House Design

2226 Sqft | 50 Lakh Budget Only

60'×50' Duplex

3000 Sqft | 1 Cr Budget Only


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